27 August 2017

Improved Products

During its 40 years, Alminco has always maintained a high level of ongoing R&D for its products. In considering the new and improved products, Alminco has also taken into consideration the current fluctuating world energy markets and tight production budgets. We feel those have been reflected in the outcome of the new and improved products.

  • Cub Borer – New borer. Ergonomically configured for easier use. New modular casing allowing quick and easy access for timely maintenance and repairs.
  • Gopher Roof Bolter – New leg tube design. Modular robust construction allowing for more efficient use of materials. Flexibility in size, and higher resistance to impact.
  • Quad Air Motor – New 15kW Air motor to suit all conditions. The Quad motor represents the latest development in air motors from Alminco. The high torque is produced by four proven, durable and reliable rotors. The Quad motor is a compact solution for a diverse range of mining and civil applications.
  • Bulk Grout System – The grout system is of a modular design, which can be used with either 20kg bags or a 1000kg bulk bag hopper. The bulk bag hopper provides a continuous mixing and pumping operation. The grout is pumped by a 6-stage size 3 positive displacement, progressing cavity, rotor – stator (mono) pump. The max. output is 31 Lpm for a pumping distance of 40 meters.