28 August 2017

Aluminium Air Pressure Regulator, Lubricator and Filter Bowl

Technical Bulletin Number: TB003

To advise operators and owners of Alminco Highland Air/Hydraulic Crawler Drill Rigs of the presence of an aluminium alloy air pressure regulator, lubricator and filter bowl on their crawler rigs. The use of aluminium in coal mines is regulated under certain jurisdictions.

Applicable to:
Owners and operators of Alminco Highland Air/Hydraulic model manufactured prior to October 2014 and operating in NSW.
The Highland Air/Hydraulic air regulator (Norgren R18), lubricator (Norgren L68) and filter bowl (Norgren F18) are made from an aluminium alloy. The parts are supplied with a certificate of conformity to EC Directive 94/9/EC stating that they “contain no potential ignition hazard or explosive environments”. Under NSW law (Work Health and Safety Regulations 2014 Public Consultation draft Schedule 4 item 7), the use of exposed (“uncoated or unprotected”) aluminium parts is prohibited in the hazardous zone of underground coal mines. Therefore the parts are given a coating with a high build epoxy system (total dry film thickness 350 microns) prior to installation in the crawler rig. The NSW regulations state that the use of Aluminium is prohibited for components subject to impact. Under normal operation, the air pressure regulator, lubricator and filter bowl are not subject to impact. Under the Queensland regulations (Queensland Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 Part 8 – Mechanical S254 (1) and (2)) the particular aluminium alloy specification BS 1490 LM24-N used for the regulator lubricator and filter is allowed because it contains less than a statutory 6% limit for combined magnesium and titanium.

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